Frequently Asked Questions

  • Functionalities

  • What can I expect from the next update?

    Please have look here whenever you want to know what we are currently working on : Next available features

  • What are the advantages of VC over mouse?

    Track Navigation is probably the most valuable mouse substition VC has to offer. Voice commands are also mouse drag&clicks alternatives.

  • What are the advantages of VC over keyboard?

    Voice commands are key commands siblings, the only difference being that you need to speak them out before they take action. Voice commands must be edited from the command builder window. For best flexibility and faster workflow 1 voice commands offers : A list a key commands you want to be triggered back to back, a repeat time number for the whole list (list becomes a loop), a hook to chain it with a track navigation of time navigation (in which case you dont have to tell the name of the voice command but your track name or bar number.

  • Can VC be used in combination with keyboard shortcuts and mouse

    Yes, VC acts just like another controller device that trigger actions on top of mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Settings

  • What audio input device should I be using with VC?

    It is up to you, you can use any external device or the internal microphone of your machine, VC will respond to any device set in system preferences> audio. If the audio device has multiple inputs VC will listen to every active channel with a microphone at its end. Therefore if you use an external device for recording inside Logic, we recommend that you use your mac built in audio device with VC, this way it will never conflict with your recordings. Though if you want to control Logic from your recording booth microphones, then you need to select their respective audio interface inside system preferences. The choice of the audio input really depends on your studio setup and on the situation.

  • Why is the application distributed as 0.7?

    Voice Commander has a lot to offer, we continuously work on its development and are at the moment improving its performances. Make sure to check our Facebook page or website from time to time to get the latest update. Once you buy 0.7 you will receive the V.1 for free when it's out on the store.

  • How can I improve Voice Commander accuracy?

    In the perfect situation Voice Commander would not miss any of your commands. Though there are situations , especially in a music environment, that makes speech recognition a tough task. To remedy to this we have come with the silence detection setting. For instance if your want to trigger a voice command while music is playing back on your monitor speakers, we recommend : * using a close-up microphone * tweaking the silence detection ratio in the preferences panel> silence detection * disableling “continuos mode”

  • Do I have to build my own voice commands or does VC comes with pre-built voice commands.

    Because you can customize your own key commands inside Logic, the voice commands shortcuts will vary from one computer to another, consequently, voice commands will not be compatible on everyone else's Mac.

  • Will VC work with my macbook built in microphone?

    Definitely, but we advise going for a close up microphone like a lavalier microphone (smartlavs) if you plan on using VC continuously while music is playing back.